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Look To Learn is a software developed by: Smartbox. It offers a package with fun educational games which can be used with the help of an eye-tracking device. The games are created to provide a fun way in which one can develop their control and choice making capabilities with their gaze.

Each game develops different capabilities – from the first introduction with cause and effect, to precise control with the gaze.
There are 66 games including interactive scenes, music and sounds, divided into 5 main categories:

  • Sensory – meant to teach children about cause and consequences
  • Exploration – trains focusing attention on all the parts of the screen
  • Aim – improving the accuracy of interaction with the gaze
  • Choice – developing the capability of choosing
  • Control– precise control with the gaze

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The software is developed after consultations with teachers and therapists and it offers the opportunity to assess the interaction with gaze. In this way the child’s progress can be followed.

If you are interested in this software or you would like to see a demonstration with it, you can contact in on this email address: assist.foundation.bg@gmail.com

The software can be bought from Bulgaria form Interacta Ltd., established by the foundation Foundation “ASSIST – ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGIES” to support its activities.


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