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13 March 2018, To talk with your eyes, Nadia Borisova

11 March 2018, An innovative device helps people who are unable to move and speak – Leda Tsvetkova’s commentary for “120 minutes” with news ancor Svetoslav Ivanov, bTV

10 March 2018, Утро, Neli Piguleva

9 March 2018, Russe Info

23 February 2017, Chernomorski Far

January 2017, Interview with dr. Maurice Grinberg for Bulgarian News Agency – video

January 2017, Interview with dr. Evegnia Hristova for “Horizon at noon”, Bulgarian National Radio

January 2017, Pleven Today

January 2017, DarikNews

January 2017, Intermediary

16 December 2016, Bulgarian National Radio

TV segment “Health up close”, Bulgarian National Television, 30 November 2016 г.

Interview with dr. Maurice Grinberg in the news segment “Morning with us” with news ancor Velizara Tsoneva, TV “Zagora”, 28 November 2016 – videoв

Interview with dr. Maurice Grinberg and dr. Evgenia Hristova in the TV news segment “Info Zone”, TV “Start Zagora”, 29.11.2016 – video

Report about the event in the news on TV “Stara Zagora”, journalist Blagovest Iliev, 28.11.2016 – видео

Report about the event on the website of the National Alliance for Social Responsability

Report about the event on the website of the association “Alternative 55”

19 November 2016, News report from Rada Bogdanova and Georgi Naidenov for “Wake up” on TV NovaР

18 November 2016, “Over a cup of Coffee”, Nova TV


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